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Anthony Wise

Head Coach

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Andrew Tucker

Assistant Head Coach



South Essex Gymnastics Club has a proud record in men's gymnastics and currently boosts one of Great Britain's top gymnasts, Max Whitlock, along with GB coach Scott Hann, who is also the director of coaching here at SEGC.

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Is made up of 6 apparatus: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Parallel Bars, Horizontal/ High Bar. Whilst learning each of these apparatus a gymnast will gain a great balance between strength, flexibility and agility.

Floor Exercise

Floor work is mainly made up off tumbling with forward, Backward and occasionally sideways somersaults, flicks and handsprings. Somersaults can be connected together and some gymnasts will perform double and at the highest level even triple somersaults. There is also a non-acrobatic element to floor where gymnasts will use their strength they have acquired from Rings and/ or skills they have learned from performing pommel during their floor routine.


The pommel horse is made up of performing double leg circles, flair elements (similar to what you would see break dancers perform) and single leg swings called shears. This apparatus takes a long time to master and requires a lot of patience compared to some of the other apparatus. SEGC is home to the current World and Olympic champion on the Pommel Horse – Max Whitlock MBE.

Still Rings

Despite being called still rings this is the only piece of apparatus in MAG that is not fixed in position and the aim is to keep them as still as possible while performing a routine. This apparatus is all about Strength and holding static strength positions such as the famous crucifix.  Having said that it also requires the gymnast to stay incredibly supple in the shoulders to still be able to perform the swinging elements.


The vaulting table is stationed at the end of a 25 metre run up. Vault requires the gymnast to do a fast run up to the vault and then jump off of a springboard to the propel them onto and very quickly then off of the vault into a safe landing. You can enter the vault forwards (handsprings), sideways (Tsukahara/ kazamatsu) or even backwards (Yurchenko).

Parallel bars

This piece of apparatus requires the gymnasts to perform skills in support on top of the bars, in hang underneath the bars and some elements on their upper arms. A gymnast will develop a strong grip and a very stable handstand whilst learning how to perform on the parallel bars. Skills that the gymnasts on the Pommel and the High bar will help them also develop some of their skills on the parallel bars.

High Bar

This is what many would call the most exciting apparatus in gymnastics with the highest level gymnasts performing skills where they release the bar perform multiple somersaults and twist and then catch the bar again continuing into their swing. The gymnasts will first learn how to do long swings around the bar before learning other elements close to bar and/ or pirouetting on top.


Advanced Recreational groups – These groups are for boys that have enjoyed our Gymschool classes and have completed all of  their proficiency awards and our Trial sheet, who wish to further the gymnastics skills especially on the mens apparatus. These classes are in our big gym and are coached by our Men’s Artistic coaches. These groups are 2 hours long; however boys are more than welcome to join moe than one of these classes if they wish to do so.

Basildon Sporting Village Session Times:

Tuesday: 6pm-8pm

Wednesday: 4pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm

Thursday: 4pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm

Friday: 6pm-8pm

Saturday: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Advanced Recreational 1 – This class is for boys that have made great progress in our Advanced recreational programme and are now ready to compete in regional recreational competitions. This class trains 4 hours per week, doing two days of 2 hour sessions.

Development/ Pre-development – These groups are for boys aged 4 up to around 9 years old that have been identified by the Men’s coaching team to possibly have a great potential to compete in club level or even elite level gymnastics. These classes range from to 2 hours per week up to 9 hours per week.

Squads – Our squad groups are for boys that are competing at a regional club level all the way up to international level competitions. A big proportion of these boys will come up from our Development programme however some gymnasts come up via other routes such as our advanced recreational programme and/ or coming over from other clubs. These groups range from 9 hours per week up to 30+ hours per week.

Basildon Sporting Village Sessions

Monday: 6pm-8pm & Friday: 4pm-6pm

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