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A Bit About Me

Andrew Tucker

Assistant Head Men’s Artistic gymnastics


I had been a gymnast at this club since the early age of 3 years old, working my through the development system before moving onto the elite squad groups with Scott Hann as my personal coach. I went on to qualify for national squad competing in national and international competitions.


Through this I gained many experiences and opportunities I would not have had otherwise which is now something I now plan to provide for others.


I am currently the assistant head of mens artistic gymnastics and started coaching at south Essex at the age 17. I enjoy coaching an array of different abilities, but my main role at the club is to train boys up from a young age and help provide many pathways for potential future gymnasts; this includes all levels whether that be participating in the sport as a hobbie or striving to compete as the highest level.

Level 2 men’s artistic

Level 2 preschool

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