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Weekend Wrap-Up: South Essex Gymnastics Club Soars at the English Championships


Our gymnasts took centre stage at the English Championships held at the Telford International Centre over the weekend, showcasing exceptional talent, dedication, and remarkable achievements. Let's dive into the thrilling experiences from each category.

Aspire Category Shines: Evie, Lily, and Alena's Stellar Performance

In the Aspire category on Friday, March 1st, coached by Caron Notton and Nicole Wooder, the trio of Evie Haworth, Lily Shepherd, and Alena Carter made their mark. Evie and Lily had an amazing debut, while Alena displayed her growth in her second English Championships. Each gymnast exhibited moments of bravery and special performances. Alena's technical routine at such a young age stood out, leaving us excited about their future performances.

Majestic Performances in the Men's Category: Kaydn, Deshai, and More

From Friday, March 1st, to Sunday, March 3rd, the Men's category witnessed an outstanding display of talent coached by Anthony Wise, Andrew Tucker, and Scott Hann MBE. The extensive list of gymnasts, including Kaydn Jackson, Deshai Knights, Reuben Montrose, and more, delivered phenomenal results. Kaydn Jackson secured the U12 English All Around Champion title, while

Deshai Knights claimed the U14 English All Around Champion. Several gymnasts secured top 10 All Around positions and won multiple apparatus medals. Special mention to Jamie Langridge, who

clinched the U16 Silver Medal on High Bar. Guest gymnasts, including Max Whitlock OBE and Courtney Tulloch, added a touch of brilliance, setting the stage for upcoming British and European Championships.

Senior Women's Triumph: Our Girls Shine Bright

In the Senior Women's category on Saturday, March 2nd, Michelle Flemings and Nicole Wooder led gymnasts Georgia-Mae Fenton, Maggie Shepherd, Jerusha Clarke, and Tommera Hendricks. Maggie impressed with a 4th-place finish on vault, while Georgia-Mae Fenton secured 4th All Around and 2nd on beam. Despite a few hurdles, each gymnast showcased highlights to be proud of. Georgia-Mae's stunning beam performance marked a significant moment in her first Olympic trial.

Dazzling Displays: Dakota, Sienna, and Andrea Illuminate Sunday

On Sunday, March 3rd, in the Senior Women's category, under the guidance of Caron Notton and Nicole Wooder, Dakota Lynch, Sienna McCoy, and Andrea Ndoro stole the spotlight. Each gymnast earned pride for distinct reasons – Dakota's debut, Sienna's incredible floor routine, and Andrea's first-time performance of her new vault. Andrea's exceptional performance secured her a 3rd place on beam. Despite the lengthy competition for these young competitors, their focus and delivery remained commendable.

Rhythmic Brilliance: Lily-Rose, Jade, and Pippa Secure National Final Qualifications

In an additional triumph, our Rhythmic Girls Lily-Rose Doel, Jade Woollard, and Pippa Harrison achieved National Final Qualifications. Their success propels them to the National Grade Finals in Newcastle in June. With a record number of 63 senior gymnasts competing for a spot in the top levels, this is an especially proud achievement for Jade and Lily-Rose.

Don't forget to join us every Monday for our latest blog post! A huge thank you goes out to our amazing coaches and gymnasts for their dedication, and to our South Essex Gymnastics Club family for their continuous support – none of this would be possible without you!


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