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Weekend Wrap-Up: South Essex Dominates Weekend Competitions


Dive into the exhilarating highlights from our recent competitions that took place over the weekend, full captivating performances and achievements of our talented gymnasts.

British Championships - Aspire Category Shines Bright

In Liverpool's M&S Bank arena on Thursday March 14th, under the guidance of coaches Ross Falsetta, Caron Notton and Nicole Wooder, our incredible gymnasts, Alena Carter, Lilly Shepherd, and Evie Haworth showcased their skills in the Aspire category. Lilly soared to victory, claiming the British Aspire Vault champion title, while Alena exhibited her brilliance by securing 4th place in the bar finals. It was an unforgettable debut for these gymnasts at the prestigious British Championships, leaving us unbelievably proud of their achievements.

British Championships - Our Junior Girls Compete With Class

In the WAG Junior category, Sienna McCoy and Andrea Ndoro showcased their talent and resilience. Andrea's remarkable performance secured her the 3rd spot for All Around and a place in all four apparatus finals. Sienna displayed significant improvement in her routines, demonstrating her potential as a rising star in the sport.

British Championships - Shannon's Farewell and Georgia's Grit

In the Senior category, Shannon Archer bid farewell to her illustrious career with an outstanding performance. She secured the British Vault Champion title, marking a remarkable end to her journey in gymnastics. Georgia-Mae Fenton displayed immense grit, finishing 5th in the All Around competition. As Shannon embarks on a new chapter, and Georgia gears up for European selections, we extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued success.

British Championships - Our Boys Make Their Mark

From Thursday March 14th to Sunday March 17th, our MAG athletes, led by Scott Hann MBE, Anthony Wise and Andrew Tucker, left an indelible mark at the British Championships. Max Whitlock OBE dominated the Pommel, securing 1st place and becoming Senior Pommel Champion, with Courtney Tulloch impressing by achieving a silver medal on Rings, a bronze medal for All Around and a bronze medal for Parallel Bars. Deshai Knights shone with a 1st place on Parallel bars and High Bar. Alex Niscoveanu placed 3rd All Around and 3rd on Pommel. The competition served as a crucial event for the European Championships selection, and our athletes rose to the occasion with determination.

Spring London Championships - Rhythmic Brilliance

At the Redbridge Sports Centre on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March, our Rhythmic gymnasts dazzled the audience with their elegance and skill. Jade, Lily-Rose, Pippa, Lila, Sophie R, Sophie S, Jess, Maya, Zoe, Isabella, Lucy T, Lucy R, Alexandra, Deya, Shania and Ava Belle all delivered captivating performances, securing podium finishes and demonstrating remarkable improvements in their routines. Jade secured a stellar first place finish with her Ball routine, accompanied by an impressive second place with her Hoop routine and a commendable third place with her Ribbon routine. Lily-Rose's performances were equally commendable, securing a fourth place finish with her Ribbon routine and showcasing consistency with fifth place finishes with both her Ball and Hoop routines. Pippa's outstanding performance in the U12 level 4 category earned her a second place finish with her Hoop routine and a remarkable third place finish with her Clubs routine. Meanwhile, Lila's exemplary performance in the junior level 2 category resulted in a first place finish with her Clubs routine and a commendable second place overall. Among our younger competitors, Isabella's impressive routines earned her a second place finish in the free routine and secured her the second place overall in the 2016s level 1 category. Jess and Sophie R displayed commendable performances in the 2013s level 2 category, with Jess securing a third place finish with her Clubs routine and Sophie R clinching a second place finish with her Ribbon routine and an overall second place in the senior level 2 category. Nicole's graceful routine in the 2011s level 2 category earned her a commendable fourth place finish with her Hoop routine. Lastly, Deya's and Shania's performances showcased their potential for growth and improvement, laying a solid foundation for their future competitions. Despite the competitive atmosphere, each gymnast showcased something to be proud of, embodying the spirit of determination and excellence.

Don't forget to join us every Monday for our latest blog post! A huge thank you goes out to our amazing coaches and gymnasts for their dedication, and to our South Essex Gymnastics Club family for their continuous support – none of this would be possible without you!


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