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Danielle Paul

Head Coach Rhythmic


South Essex's Rhythmic Gymnastics section is one of the club's real success stories having grown in strength and popularity over the years and has a place for every child, from pre-school recreational level right through to international competitive level. Rhythmic Gymnastics is performed exclusively on a 13m x 13m floor area using hand apparatus;rope, hoop, ball clubs and ribbon. Gymnasts perform either as an individual or as part of a group of 5 gymnasts working together.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is described as poetry in motion. It combines the strength and flexibility of gymnastics with the elegance and musical expression of dance and excellent hand-eye co-ordination. Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect choice for any child who loves to express themselves, dance and challenge themselves with interesting and intricate apparatus tricks. 



1 Hour Classes

These classes are your child’s first step into RhythmicGymnastics. These are structured classes that focus on providing a fun and enthusiastic environment for gymnasts to begin to develop their flexibility, fitness and co-ordination whilst learning the basics of Rhythmic Gymnastics.


2 Hour Classes

These classes are for gymnasts who have some previous Rhythmic experience or are keen to challenge themselves further but still with a focus on gymnastics for fun. They are structured much the same as the 1 hour classes but gymnasts will learn more advanced body and apparatus skills. 


Development Squads

Gymnasts are invited to join these squads after a trial assessment conducted by one of our highly experienced coaches. To be selected for these groups gymnasts need to be able to perform the required elements to a good standard and have the potential and desire to become a competitive gymnast. These groups are continuously monitored to ensure all gymnasts are in the correct group for their ability and gymnasts can be moved between groups. Development gymnasts are between 4 and 7 years old, after that they would move into a competitive squad.


Competitive Squads

We have both individual and group competitive programmes. Each programme requires slightly different attributes from the gymnasts for example, individuals are very expressive and show confidence in performing alone and group gymnasts have very good hand-eye co-ordination and work well within a team.  The Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach will select gymnasts for these programs and gymnasts work towards competing at Levels 1-5. Level 1/2 is for gymnasts who are just starting to compete or who are suited to the Basic Code. Level 3/4/5 is for gymnasts working towards National level competitions.


Elite Competitive Squads

If your daughter is selected to be part of the elite individual or group programmes that are working towards level 3, 4 and 5 it is expected;

They attend all their regular sessions

They attend in the correct training attire; hair in a bun, white socks or toe shoes, black fitted top or leotard, plain black leggings or shorts

They arrive on time for their session as Warm Up is the most important part of the session

Be dedicated to their training and hard working whilst in the gym

Mutual respect for all gymnasts and coaches in the gym 

Has the passion and determination to be the best rhythmic gymnast they can be.

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