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GymFusion Manchester 2023

February 19th 2023, welcomed the return of the British Gymnastics National Festival - Gymfusion. This year, Gymfusion held over 850 gymnasts from over 30 clubs whom all performed in front of thousands of spectators in the award winning Lowry Theatre, Manchester. The theme was movies, and our fantastic display team, which consists of 14 members, captured that perfectly with their performance inspired by 'THIS IS IT' for the king of pop, Michael Jackson. This was the SEGC Festival Display Team's first festival display of the year, so they really wanted to put on a spectacular and breath-taking show. All the tireless work and practise the SEGC display team put in along with the aid of their wonderful lead display team coach Taylor Bevan, paid off as the final seconds of the performance which had a mixture of dance, gymnastics, stunts and tumbles was met with a loud applaud from the spectators and the crowd went wild for the amazing showcase. Taylor Bevan speaking on the event said " The teamwork is unmatched and the bond our team have is unbreakable. Well done team!"

Gymfusion Manchester was an incredible event and a great experience. It was a joy and an honour to be a part of the festival. Thank you to everyone who participated and spectated to make the day what it was!


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